entrega de diplomas

gustavo and the rector

this photo makes me so happy. in it gustavo (from teabo, yucatán) receives his diploma in comunicación social from the rector of uady. in two of my classes last year, gustavo was just the best. motivated and such a gentle soul.. always good, honest (in a direct non-judgemental way). one day i was driving him back into town (gustavo was one of the rare ones who would throw caution to the wind for the 30 minute drive back to mérida centro where i would leave him so he could catch another bus home) and he told me the story of how his mother worked hard to save up money and make sure he could go to college, even though it wasn’t a family value shall we say. when you think of where he came from and where he can go — it’s incredible. he always was inviting me to teabo for festivals so one of these days i’ll make it. more photos are on elza’s facebook profile. it’s just so good to see. and how sharp do the guayaberas look? nice.

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