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Design Incubation Fellowship

Design Incubation Nametag


I recently attended the Design Incubation Fellowship in NYC. It was one of the most relevant, informative, and inspiring professional experiences of my life and certainly the best recently. There were many things that made this great. Here are a few:[list type=”check”]

  • It was very well organized into a three-day experience
  • Content ranged from macro to micro, and general to personal, which focused on horizontal and vertical linkages
  • I received wonderfully constructive feedback from workshop leaders and my fellow participants
  • Accomplished and generous people provided insight and feedback
  • Participants were smart, engaged, and supportive


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As a field, we need more of this. And we need to make sure we can provide this type of experience early to faculty and to our graduate students. The many people who made this possible, including Aaris Sherin, Dan Wong, Robin Landa, Maggie Taft, Elizabeth Guffey, and Liz DeLuna