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  • the MxD – MFA, Design & Visual Communications

    Our MFA in Design at the University of Florida launched in 2019. Its origins are with the d4d lab which expands and creates new models to address real-world problems identified by people…

  • DRS Collage

    Transforming Design: Indigeneity and Mestizaje in Latin America

    UF Design Professors Gaby Hernández and María Rogal, along with Rául Sánchez of UF’s Department of English, led an international group of designers and design educators in a conversation titled “Transforming Design: Indigeneity and Mestizaje in Latin America.”

  • photo of chapter spread, co-designing for development

    Co-designing for development

    Raúl Sánchez (UF English) and I published an essay, “Co-Designing for Development,” in the Routledge Handbook of Sustainable Design (ed. Rachel Beth Egenhoefer). Our essay uses my decade-long design research initiative, Design for Development, a collaboration with indigenous entrepreneurs in Mexico, to explore its theoretical, conceptual, and practical contributions to the global conversation on sustainability.

  • Design Incubation Nametag

    Design Incubation Fellowship

      I recently attended the Design Incubation Fellowship in NYC. It was one of the most relevant, informative, and inspiring professional experiences of my life and certainly the best recently. There were…

  • moringa finalphotofront

    Moringa Project for Throwback Thursday

    In 2010, students in Technologies and Processes collaborated with NGO Impala Development Services (Swaziland) to create a name, identity, and packaging for Moringa Powder to be sold in Swaziland and South Africa.…

  • Rongfei Geng / IMG_2265

    Rongfei Geng Creative Project

    I had the pleasure of working with Rongfei Geng while he was an MFA student at the University of Florida. I ran across his creative project work recently—An Ideal University Life—which was an exploration of expectations, hopes, fears, and experiences of Chinese youth in and after university.

  • Anna Atkins, Botanist, Photographer

    I stumbled on the bio of Anna Children Atkins, a 19th century botanist, artist, and photographer. She may very well have been the first female photographer.

  • Hach Kaab notebook sketch

    On writing and keeping a notebook

    For some time I have been fascinated with notebooks, in part for how we can document ideas and everyday happenings and make connections. This is an interesting article from Masokumi where the…

  • d4d_HachKaabYucatanHoney

    Innovations in International Development

    On Thursday I made a brief presentation on the work of D4D at the UF Innovations in International Development Symposium. What always impresses me is the range of work being done at UF—well beyond what I see on a daily basis. These are colleagues working all over the world who have amazing contributions to make.

  • thumbnail_make

    Make Bike Rack

    GRA3209C: Typography 2 / 3D Typography Make Bike Rack — Each rack textually identifies activities specific to the building. Make was placed in front of the School of Art + Art History.